Accounting is the process of collecting, recording and analyzing financial data. Accounting is often an underrated skill and is wrongly presumed to be used only in business. Although accounting plays a significant role in maintaining and analyzing business statistics, it is also used extensively in various everyday activities. Let’s take a look at few of such everyday tasks where accounting is necessary.


All of us want t look into our bank accounts often and calculate the savings, charges and taxes deducted. But do you visit the bank to check your account details?  Even if you do, do you make an effort to understand the calculations and how the process takes place? In the world of accounting, it is termed as reconciliation. If you want to recheck and know about the whereabouts of your money, then it is essential to learn the art of accounting.

Backbone for business


Yes, accounting is considered as the backbone for all types o businesses. Both fields share a strong bond. It is not wrong to say that a significant part of a business depends on accounting and the [principles of accountancy. Gathering data, calculating the profits and losses, analyzing and applying basics skills and strategies require a thorough knowledge of accounting and patience.

Managing expenditure

Managing expenditure is a critical aspect of everyone’s day-to-day activities. You cannot overspend you limit, be it on your credit cards or debit cards. Hence, it is essential to learn the art of managing money and dealing with numbers – which again is the subtle art of accounting. You usually manage your expenses by virtually drawing a graph of income versus expenditure. If the two don’t line up, then there you find another alternative like cutting down on expenses to make ends meet. Hence, without your knowledge, you’re making using of accounting.

Better grades at school

School is the first place where anyone starts applying the knowledge of accounting – either with being aware or not being aware of it. When you’re graded for your scores, you immediately start calculating your class percentage and where you stand in the entire class. If you’re not satisfied, then you calculate how much you wish to get to stand a better chance at universities and your career. This happens without your awareness, and hence again, it is used every day, even in children’s lives.

Why is accounting so important?


Due to the reasons mentioned above, we can now confirm that accounting is used daily, with or without our knowledge. But why do we do all this? Why is it so important?

To build a better company, business or a lifestyle, calculating is a must. Whether we’re calculating numbers for a firm or the risk factors involved in your lives, there’s always some calculation running in our mind at the background. That is the main reason why accounting is essential in everyday life, and we use it as well.

As a career prospect, there are various fields to consider like

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Forensic accounting
  • Fiduciary accounting.